OZ yurts are located in Byron bay shire AUSTRALIA  

Great Yurts to live or play, party or relax Great prices, Great design It's easy to set up. Easy to relocate it.

Do you want to live in a yurt ? We got beautiful yurts for sale.Best prices in Australia.Come and look at them your self. Free Alishan oolong tea serve at inspection site.

If there is any problem with sending message through website, PLEASE SEND EMAILS TO BYRONYURT@GMAIL.COM instead

You can pay 30% of yurt price with bitcoins.

Install bitcoin walket if you dont have one yet.


We can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia. Must have access for delivery truck.

Click on download section for prices and dimensions


  • 9 April at 18:07 from facebook

    Checking emails in the morning. Sunny yurt day :)

  • 9 April at 18:06 from facebook

    Cooking in a yurt

  • 3 March at 13:46 from facebook

    Sustainable Living in Yurts - Raw Eva

  • 1 February at 16:35 from facebook

    5 diameter yurt.

  • 23 December at 16:08 from facebook

    After some missundertsanding with our web hosting provider, our website is up and running again. Ozyurts.com.au


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Address 3 english's rd
Phone 0266882331
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just email us to arrange time for your inspection