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Great Yurts to live or play, party or relax Great prices, Great design It's easy to set up. Easy to relocate it.

A yurt is a portable circular dwelling, it has a strong flexible aluminium- bamboo skeleton, polyester felt insulation, inner decorative fabric and sturdy double coated PVC canvas cover. Yurts should be placed on an elevated platform and secured with anchors which are part of the kit. If you decide to put it directly on the ground, you would need to insulate it as moisture would come from underneath.

Our luxury yurts are made from aluminium parts and bamboo strips lattices which are varnished. They are composed of many parts, such as wall parts/ bamboo poles/fittings/ bars/ slippers/ clear skylight with vent/ one small window/ one French door/wrapper includes inter decorated cloth/insulation felt/moisture resistant layer/ waterproof outside skin./

All the bamboo parts come from the bottom of an old solid perennial bamboo. The bamboo is treated with steam boiling and varnish.

Bear weight: about 200kg

Wind resistance: 9-10 Beaufort number on wind scale

Prices and sizes:

15sqm 4.5 diameter

1.6m wall height

2.8m high to the top

AUD $8500

21sqm 5.0 diameter

1.6m wall height

2.8m high to the top

AUD $9000

31sqm 6.3 diameter

1.68m wall height

3.1m high to the top

AUD $10,000

52sqm 8.0 diameter

1.8m wall height

3.1m high to the top

AUD $11,500


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